• Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

    2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

    By Dan Scanlan - MyCarData.com When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, any car with an “S” in its name is special — and usually fast. In 1955, a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR won the 1,000-mile Mille Miglia with Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson on board — I saw Moss driving it at this year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance! And in the past few decades, the S-Class sedan was Mercedes-Benz’s flagship … [Read More...]

  • 2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    2016 Chevrolet Malibu

    By Ken Chester, Jr. ,  Motor News Media It seems that throughout time, the Chevrolet Malibu has always been the “go-to” in the automaker’s line-up when consumers looking to buy a solid, reliable, economical and roomy four-door sedan. For the 2016 model year, the automaker has upped the ante with an all-new Malibu. This completely reimagined sedan is all-new from the ground up. The 2016 … [Read More...]

  • Created by driving enthusiasts for driving enthusiasts, the dramatically styled 2016 Nissan Maxima looks like nothing else on the road today - and drives like nothing in the segment. The all-new Nissan flagship not only resets Maxima's iconic "4-Door Sports Car" positioning, it sets a new standard for style, performance and technology in the large sedan segment.

    2016 Nissan Maxima

    By Frank S. Washington PLYMOUTH, MI, -- You've got to give Nissan credit. The automaker has always been a little bit different; intrepid when it comes to going places where no others dare. This time the variance involved its flagship sedan, the Maxima, and how the company has incorporated its new futuristic design language into the car. In a phrase, you’re either going to love or loathe the … [Read More...]

  • MY2015 GLA45 AMG.

    Mercedes-AMG GLA45 4MATIC

    Written by Lyndon Conrad Bell If you shop this car on the Mercedes-Benz USA Website, you’ll find the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 4MATIC model is listed under SUVs & Wagons. Then, when you click the dropdown menu, you’ll see it listed as the GLA45 AMG SUV. This is straight-out subterfuge. The GLA45 AMG is about as much a sport utility vehicle as Kanye is likely to remain seated at an awards … [Read More...]

  • 2015 Lexus RC F

    2015 Lexus RC-F coupe

    By Mary Chapman I am not a fan of amusement park rides, particularly when they are machines that go fast and whip you around like your great-grandma's butter churner. Not my idea of fun. Call it a case of cognitive dissonance, then, 'cause I love me some fast cars, particularly those as wild and rollicky as Lexus' RC-F monster. The barely street-legal adaptation of the nascent RC coupe, the … [Read More...]

  • 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

    2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0T RWD

    By Mary M. Chapman  Because I came of age in a different era, I've been trying, for more years than I'd rather admit, to get used to the "new" Cadillacs. See, Daddy was a Cadillac man, and every two years or so, in the '60s and '70s, he'd buy a new Eldo or Deville, to go with our requisite van or wagon, of course. That vaunted Cadillac crest? It may as well have been our family's crest So, … [Read More...]

  • 2015 Dodge Durango R/T Blacktop

    2015 Dodge Durango R/T Blacktop AWD

     By Frank S. Washington CHICAGO – We drove a 2015 Dodge Durango here from Detroit and navigated around the Windy City for about 10 days. There was some apprehension, not with the Durango but with fuel consumption. Our tester was powered by a 5.7-liter V8 HEMI and immediately the price of gasoline during a 10 day-stay came to mind. After all, this HEMI made 360 horsepower, 390 pound-feet of … [Read More...]

  • 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude

    2015 Jeep Renegade

    by Frank S. Washington SAN JOSE, Calif., -- The 2015 Jeep Renegade is an integral part of the globalization of the brand’s industrial foot print. That means Jeep is in search of more sales, a lot more sales. The small sport utility that is assembled in Europe by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for the U.S. market will eventually be produced in Brazil and China. The Renegade’s new platform is … [Read More...]

  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class rotate

    2015 Mercedes-Benz C300

    By Casey Williams - MyCarData.com With each generation, Mercedes claims the C-Class is more sophisticated, more upscale, and just more of everything. That was true when the 1994 C-Class replaced the 190E and it’s true as the fourth-generation supplants the third. You often hear these cars compared to the flagship S-Class. Beyond hyperbole, those comparisons bear truth. By introducing the … [Read More...]

  • 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe

    2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    By Ken Chester, Jr., --  Motor News Media Cadillac has introduced the 2016 ATS-V, expanding the acclaimed ATS product range and elevating the brand’s elite high-performance V-Series to its next generation. Available in sedan and coupe forms, the first-ever ATS-V will introduce class-leading twin-turbocharged power and a comprehensive suite of design and performance systems. Building on the … [Read More...]

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    2015 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Sport Z71 Crew Cab

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ

    Tweet by Frank S. Washington DETROIT – Although the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab is a big truck at almost 5,500 lbs., it was the little things that set it apart. But let’s start with the big stuff. Our Silverado Custom Sport Crew Cab was powered by a 6.2-liter V8 that made 420 horsepower and…
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    2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

    Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

    Tweet By Dan Scanlan – MyCarData.com When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, any car with an “S” in its name is special — and usually fast. In 1955, a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR won the 1,000-mile Mille Miglia with Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson on board — I saw Moss driving it at this year’s Amelia Island…
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    2015 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercab

    San Antonio, TX., Oct 01,2014---The all-new 2015 Ford F150 on the streets of San Antonio and off-road in the Texas back country, where media are driving the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever. Regardless of model configuration or engine choice, every F-150 customer benefits from up to 700 pounds of weight savings with its high-strength steel frame and high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body. The 2015 Ford F-150 also introduces an all-new available 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine with Auto-Start Stop and 11 class exclusive smart features that include available remote release tailgate with the click of the key fob, LED headlamps, 360 degree camera system and more.  Photo by: Sam VarnHagen

    Tweet by Frank S. Washington DETROIT – It is the best-selling pickup truck, make that vehicle in America. So whenever Ford redesigns the F-150 it is news. The spotlight on the remodel of the truck was even more intense. Ford changed the F-150s sheet metal from steel to aluminum to secure huge weight savings, up…
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    2015 Volvo V60 T5 AWD Cross Country

    2015 Volvo V60 Cross Country

    Tweet By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman – MyCarData.com Volvo has endowed a version of its excellent V60 luxury mid-sized wagon with 2.6 inches of additional ground clearance, added front and rear skid plates, included standard equipment roof rails, and made all-wheel drive standard equipment. Presto! Now we have the 2015 V60 T5 AWD Cross…
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